Spam scanning changes

By start of business on  March 8, 2017, OIT will be switching the service that we use to scan emails for spam. This will happen automatically and requires no action from you. The only thing we’re asking you to do is keep a closer eye on your Spam and Quarantine folders following this transition.
This change only affects spam scanning, so you might see some changes in which messages are marked as spam, but it’s unlikely that most people would notice aside from an anticipated reduction in spam. We expect to see more spam effectively filtered out with fewer legitimate messages being falsely marked as spam.
While this requires no action from you, another benefit is that you will have much more control over your own spam settings. If you’re interested in that kind of thing and wish to fine-tune your own spam settings, please check out our spam scanning settings knowledge base article.
If you encounter any issues, please contact the OIT Help Desk as always. You can reach them at 989.774.3662, by email at, by chatting with them online, or by submitting a request for assistance through our client portal.