Virtual Lab - 2019 Changes

Starting with the Fall 2019 semester, the Virtual Lab is going to look different. We’re rebuilding it from the ground up to ensure that the service is as streamlined as possible and that CMU is compliant with our software licensing agreements. This also means that some software previously accessible through the Virtual Lab will no longer be available. For a full listing of the software that will be installed in the Virtual Lab by default, please review our Virtual Lab knowledge base article

CMU faculty can request that additional software be installed in the Virtual Lab, but all such software must be site licensed or open source or with no restrictions as to use by CMU faculty, staff, and students. If you wish to request the installation of additional software, please be sure to review the software list linked above, and send any requests to the Help Desk through one of the following methods: 
As a reminder, Virtual Lab is a virtualized Windows 10 desktop running out of CMU’s data center that allows access to specialized CMU software, your UDrive, and printing through PrintQ service from anywhere and on any device.  It’s a CMU computer for you no, matter where you are or what device you are on.