Web Accessibility

Accessibility is a crucial component for ensuring that CMU's websites provide an excellent experience for all of our visitors.  These resources will be useful in helping understand our obligation as a university as well as where to focus to produce the most benefit for the CMU community.  As we develop additional documentation, we will add that to this page.

When reviewing the WCAG 2.0 criteria, please remember that some of these settings are handled at the system level, meaning that you may not have control over everything, especially those items relating to headers and footers.  OIT and UComm continue to work to make the system itself as accessible as possible so that you can simply focus on the accessibility of your page content.

Common quick-win items include making sure that all images on your page have "alt-text" defined, using headings in meaningful ways, and making sure that the text behind hyperlinks is descriptive of the linked location.  These options can be found in the Ribbon tools when a page is in edit mode.​