Remote Work and Learning FAQs

Amidst ongoing discussions around coronavirus, OIT is maintaining this FAQ to address questions about maintaining continuity to CMU operations. It contains a combination of IT information and links to other departments with relevant information. 

This list is non-exhaustive, and we expect to add content over time. Please check back regularly for updates to ensure you have the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions: Working remotely

Fall Classes at CMU:

CMU is implementing the hybrid-flexible, or HyFlex, model for most classes this fall. CMU instructors will find resources at Succeeding with HyFlex Instruction and on the corresponding FAQ page. See additional tips and suggestions for moving face-to-face content to remote/online learning.  

Students should visit our HyFlex resources for students informational page.

For further assistance, you can contact the Office of Curriculum & Instructional Support at or by calling (989)774-3615.

What do staff members need to work remotely?

Please review OIT's informational page on preparing for working remotely. This page contains information about software and hardware considerations you should make now to be prepared if you suddenly need to work from a remote location.

My preferred software isn't listed. Can I just use whatever I'm already comfortable with?

There is no policy against using whichever software or services you are comfortable with as long as those are in line with other, existing CMU policies. If you are confident in using a third-party service, you can feel free to do so. 

Please note that OIT will provide "best effort" support to make sure we can help you with any software you're using. However, we will not have administrative capabilities or specific knowledge about software we do not officially support, so we may need to prioritize assistance on supported technology if we experience very high demand. For this reason, we encourage you to use officially supported software and services.

Where can I find student-specific information about technology resources while classes are being held online?

OIT is maintaining a student technology resources page with information about the technology and services available to support students taking classes online.

Where can I find out more specifically about employment-related matters pertaining to COVID-19?

Human Resources has put together acomprehensive FAQ about work-related COVID-19 considerations you should make in specific circumstances.