Teaching remotely: Use supported technologies

With the decision to move all courses at CMU online temporarily, we'd like to make you aware that OIT and CIS already manage a full suite of technologies that support online instruction, and we'd like to request that all teaching faculty use those technologies wherever possible. 

Supported technologies include Blackboard, Webex, Panopto, Office 365 and other technologies you might already use at CMU. OIT and CIS have created many guides that are easy to locate by visiting the knowledge base at https://kb.cmich.edu and then using the search feature. 

While it is tempting to start using a third-party tool because you are already familiar with it or someone has recommended it to you, please consider how inconsistent a student's experience would be if each of their instructors began using a different technology. We recognize that this is a difficult transition for everyone, but our goal is to minimize disruption to our students wherever possible. 

As always, OIT will provide best efforts to support other technologies. However, please be aware that our ability to provide support may be limited due to lack of administrative rights or specific knowledge about third-party technologies. 

For ideas and strategies to maintain learning continuity using CMU's technologies, visit the Learning Continuity page on the Curriculum and Instructional Support website. For more information and links to additional resources at CMU, please visit the FAQ on OIT's homepage. 

As always, if you experience any issues, please contact the OIT Help Desk: