Web Cleanup Week 2018

​CMU's sixth annual Web Cleanup Week will take place May 14 through 18. As in previous years, we have three major points of focus:

  • Content: Are all of the pages on your site still needed? Are they up to date? If pages are not needed, delete them. If they're out of date, delete or update them. Old pages frustrate and often misinform your readers.
  • Permissions: Is the list of content editors/approvers for your site current? Does the list need to be updated due to employee turnover or changes in job responsibilities? Your current team needs appropriate access. On the other hand, people who are no longer here shouldn't have access.
  • Accessibility: Does your content meet general accessibility standards? We'll send you an accessibility checklist that provides a simple outline of specific items for review. We will also provide additional training as detailed below.

Department-specific reports will be sent to principal editors during the week of May 7. You'll have lists of all your pages, information about when they were last updated and usage data to see where readers visit most often. You'll also receive a list of current content editors/approvers with permissions to your site.

A couple accessibility presentations / training sessions will be offered to help prepare you for any necessary changes during Web Cleanup Week. The sessions will focus on accessibility training as well as common editing tips and tricks. Those sessions will be held in the Park Library Strosacker Room at the following times, and no sign-up is necessary:

  • Monday, May 14: 9am – 1pm
  • Wednesday, May 16: 10am – 2pm

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions, please contact Blaine Bendele at bende1bm@cmich.edu or Kole Taylor at taylo5kl@cmich.edu.