Wireless access is provided by the Office of Information Technology to allow for seamless roaming for mobile users across campus. Use of the wireless network requires logon using your Global ID and Password, and is subject to the terms of the Responsible Use of Computing, Network Registration, and Network Bandwidth Quota System.

Wireless Availability

All CMU on campus buildings have wireless availability. Due to environmental conditions and heavy user density issues at some locations connectivity issues may arise.  Density issues are being addressed during network upgrades based on usage patterns.
Additional coverage information and best practices can be found here.


Due to the wide variety of wireless devices/configurations CMU will attempt but can not guarantee support of all wireless devices.


Cmich GOLD
This is the preferred way to connect to the CMU Wireless Network. Cmich GOLD offers better wireless security and requires WPA2 encryption.

SSID  Cmich GOLD will require manual configuration once detected.


The SSID for the general wireless access is cmich_open.  Due to the lack of direct encryption this SSID should not be used for sensitive information.

Special Wireless Usage

Central Michigan University Information Technology will attempt to accommodate special wireless needs, such as temporary access for non-CMU users, additional SSID’s, special security needs, temporary access points, wireless labs and wireless scanners.

Please contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 with any questions, concerns or requests.