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Global IDs

Understanding Global IDs

All CMU faculty, staff, and students are given a Global ID. Your Global ID is part of your official CMU email address and is also used to access some programs such as Web-based email, and the CMU Portal. Your Global ID is assigned as your unique identifier for the entire time you are associated with CMU. It will not be changed or altered for any reason.


To reset your Password, use this pop-up window: Reset Your Password. You can also access this window clicking on the My Email / Logins button at the top left of any page on this site, then selecting the "Reset Your Password" option.

You can find your global ID by visiting the online directory and searching for your name.

Getting a Global ID

Global IDs are automatically generated when you are accepted as a student or when you are hired as faculty or staff.


After you have been accepted to CMU, you will be assigned a Global ID. If you are a new student, this information will be given to you within your tuition information. You can also contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 or go to the Help Desk located in Park Library 101 to obtain your Global ID and password.


Faculty and staff members who are listed as employed in the SAP system will have Global IDs automatically created for them. If you have had a Global ID in the past, it will remain the same even if you leave and return to the University. If you do not know your Global ID and/or password, you can contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 or go to the Help Desk located in Park Library 101.

Note: Some departments may have their own User IDs and passwords.

Updating Your Account to Reflect Personal Information Changes

Changes to personal information such as names and addresses must be made by the appropriate department. For students, this is the Registrar's Office: 774-3261. For faculty/staff, it is Human Resources: 774-3753. You may change your address through the new CMU Portal. Go to the portal, and find the "Change my Address" link under Academics or Finances.


You can change your email alias online by clicking on the My Email / Logins button at the top left of this page, then selecting My Account / CHANGE PASSWORD. Simply log in with your Global ID and email password and select the email address option. Then, in compliance with the guidelines listed on that page, you can change your email alias to reflect your new name.

For any additional questions, contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 or by email:

Obtaining an RSO/Departmental ("LogonBy") Account

If you wish to get an email account for your Registered Student Organization (RSO) or Department, visit the site: It will take you to an online form used to request the account. You will need the following before you start:
  • Your own Global ID and email password
  • The Global IDs of all persons from your organization who will have access to the account (one of whom must be your faculty/staff advisor)
  • The full name of your organization
  • The name you want for your account. This name must be 3 to 8 characters long, and you should have several alternatives ready in case the name you request is rejected.
Once you submit the form online, it may take a few days to process the request. Before making a request for one of these accounts, please check to see if your organization already has an account. Only one account is allowed per RSO. RSO's are managed by the Office of Student Activities and Involvement.


The University has made significant progress toward a single sign-on system. However there are still times when it is necessary to re-enter your password to take full advantage of University network resources:

Email and Windows Passwords


The password you use to log on to Windows, often referred to as the Windows or Central Domain password, will also be your email, dial-up and VPN password. Passwords should consist of a random string of letters and numbers at least 8 characters long. New passwords cannot match any of your previous three passwords.


Student email and dial-up and Windows passwords are synchronized. Passwords should consist of a random string of letters and numbers at least 8 characters long. New passwords cannot match any of your previous three passwords.

​Calendar, Dial-up, RSO Web Pages, and CMU Portal Passwords

Passwords for these applications will be the same as the user's email password.


SAP passwords are provided to employees who use the SAP system. If you have any questions about your SAP password, contact the Helpdesk 774-3662. To gain access to SAP applications through the portal, employees will be able to use their Windows passwords.

Other Passwords

Individual departments, curricula, and residence halls may require additional passwords. Contact them directly for information.

CMU is committed to the pursuit of reducing the number of user ID / password combinations that our community needs to memorize. To that end, Information Technology has been researching and implementing technologies leading to a single sign-on solution. MyCmich - the CMU Portal is one such example of IT's push toward single sign-on. However, CMU users may still need several passwords to take full advantage of University network resources.

Campus ID

All CMU students are assigned a Campus ID. While you will use your Global ID and password to access systems across campus, your Campus ID will be your permanent unique identifier (replacing Social Security Numbers) across campus.

When and where can I Pickup my Campus ID Card?

In the Campus ID Office in Bovee UC 205. Students Living On Campus: At your residence hall desk when you check in.

Will my Campus ID Card cost anything?

No. Your first Campus ID will be issued free of charge. Replacements thereafter will cost $20.

Independent Bank

If your Campus ID is linked to an Independent Bank checking account, you will need to have it re-linked. Your old Campus ID will continue to work as a debit/ATM card until you take your new ID to the Independent Bank branch in the Bovee UC for activation.

If you would like more information regarding the Campus ID Card or Independent Bank accounts, please contact the Campus ID Card Office at (989) 774-3484 or Independent Bank at (989) 774-1078 during regular business hours, 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Park Library

You will need your new Campus ID to access the copying/printing system in the Libraries. To transfer your balance from your old ID card to the new one, you MUST bring BOTH cards to the Libraries. You can still use your old Campus ID to use up any remaining funds in your account, or you can transfer the balance to the new card.

Library materials MUST be checked out on your Campus ID card.

Student Activity Center

If you do not have your Campus ID to access the SAC, you will be denied entry. Please be sure to carry your Campus ID when going to the SAC for a workout, a class or any other reason.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 989-774-3484
  • Office hours: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday​