Email and Calendar

University faculty, staff, and students receive free email accounts and associated email storage quota. Departments and Registered Student Organizations may request one generic email account for conducting organizational business.

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically provisioned an email account.  Email accounts reside in an Office 365 environment...
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Email Distribution Lists (LISTSERV)
LISTSERV lists are electronic mailing lists that allow you to reach a particular group of people by sending only one email that is distributed to all the email addresses on the particular list...
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Resource Room Calendar
Exchange has mailboxes specially tailored for rooms and equipment so that these resources can be scheduled for use in the Calendar... 
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Shared Email
Shared email accounts, also known as logon-by accounts, allow for several people to access, and send email on-behalf of said account...
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Spam Filtering
OIT maintains the flow of email into and out of the university and the associated function of cleaning viruses and unsolicited commercial email (spam)...
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