Virtual Server Hosting

Server virtualization is an important component of OIT's sustainable computing efforts. To further this end, OIT can host virtual machines (VMs) for colleges and departments, often eliminating the need to purchase dedicated hardware for light and medium workloads. The Infrastructure Team operates two fault-tolerant VMWare clusters, and has two VMWare Certified Professionals (VCP) on staff.

Base VM Offering
(annual charge of $450.00 for HDD or $585.00 for SSD, billing occurs monthly):

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 100 GB C: (for systems/OS use only)
  • 100 GB D:
  • Choice of Windows 2012 R2 or Linux


ala Carte Offerings
(annual charges listed, billing occurs monthly):

  • Additional vCPU: $100.00
  • 1 GB RAM: $100.00
  • 1 TB HDD: $225.00
    (maximum size is 5TB per VM, not to be used for automated backup activities)
    (two copies of data on active/active cluster and one backup copy)
  • 1 TB SSD: $675.00
    (maximum size is 1TB per VM, not to be used for automated backup activities)
    (two copies of data on active/active cluster and one HDD backup copy)
  • Offsite VM Replication: VM Cost x2 + $100
    (replication of entire VM daily to offsite location)

Includes administration of system:

  • OS installed and configured with Microsoft recommended baseline settings
  • Automated monitoring with 24-hour alerting via Opmanager with tailored alerting for customer
  • Weekly patching via SCCM
  • All VMs run on ESX cluster connected by multiple 10 GB network links and switches
  • Creation of vendor accounts to enable remote application support
  • Log aggregation and analysis via OSSEC
  • Nightly AV scans (quick)
  • Periodic vulnerability scans


If a VM consistently demands high IOPs on average, it must either be moved to SSD or it will be IO throttled to protect other customers.


In the event of a disaster situation, resources may be limited based on availability.


Getting Started

Contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 to request a follow up consultation from one of our in house experts regarding virtual server hosting.

Additional resources can be made available on an ala carte basis.  Please note that certain workloads do not lend themselves well to virtualization. This includes transactional and other high-I/O loads (typically busy database servers but occasionally other loads such as video encoding).


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