Setup Capture and VRS Profiles
Capture Profiles Installation 
1. Log into ImageNow:
2. Click on the drop down arrow next to Capture:
3. Click on the Manage Capture Profiles... ​button:
4. Click the Import... button on window:

5.  In the drop down list under Source: click on ImageNow Capture Profile​
        (DO NOT USE LOCAL)
6. Download one of the capture profiles below based on your needs:
  ​​(If you are scanning transcripts use the transcripts profiles, otherwise use the basic profiles)
​​​(Right click and click Save Link As...) 
7. Click on the icon of a blue book:

8. Navigate to the download location of the capture profile that was downloaded and click Open:
9. When the Open dialog closes click Next:

​10. Select all of the Profiles on the list:

11. On the Scanning Profile tab click on the text that says (None) select the <New Profile: ...>
​Then click Next:

12. Under Device select the text (Select Device) and choose your scanner from the drop down list:

13. Click Next ​(Basket Group not needed):

14. Click Next (Document Rules not needed):

16. Click Finish:

17. Close the Capture​ Profiles Dialog:

VR​S​ Profiles Install​ation​​

1. Click Start:


2. Click on My Computer:

3. Open Local Disk (C:):

4. a) If you are on a 32-bit computer open Program Files.

    b) If you are on a 64-bit computer open Program Files (x86).

    c) If you are unsure use Program Files (x86) if it is there otherwise using Program Files.

5. Open the Kofax folder:

6. Open the ImgCtls folder:

7. Open the bin folder:

8. Open the Profiles folder:

9. Download the VRS Profiles that you need and save them somewhere that you will find them:

Primary VRS Profiles

Primary Transcript VRS Profiles

OCR Transcript VRS Profiles

10. Right Click on the downloaded file and click Extract All...

11. Click Extract:


11. Right click and paste the unzipped files into the Profiles folder:


Next Steps

Learn How To Use the VRS and Capture Profile


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