VRS and Capture Profiles Explained
​How Capture, Scanning, and VRS Profiles Work 

This diagram shows how the VRS, Capture, and Scanning profiles work with one another.

1. The scanner will directly interact with the scanning profile and the VRS profile.

2. The VRS profile WILL NOT communicate with the scanning profile. Therefore the VRS profiles
need to be set independently of the scanning profiles.

3. The Scanning profile will communicate with the capture profile and vise virsa. 

​4. ​​​​The Capture profile will directly communicate with ImageNow.

Why You Need to Set the VRS Profile 

The VRS profile needs to be set independently of the scanning profile used in ImageNow, The settings that are held in the VRS profile will raise the quality of the scan because they are configured to work properly with a specific capture profile. Without the VRS profile set, there is more room for error with the quality of the scan.

Setting the Appropriate VRS Profile
Your VRS profile will be set to default to the last action when you start scanning, in order to change these settings you need to go to the Notification area to change these settings. 

1. Make sure your scanner tray is empty.

2. Click Capture in ImageNow

3. Click Cancel when the computer says the scanner is out of paper.

4. Do NOT click on anything in the window that says the document feeder is empty.

5. Open the Notification area on the Taskbar and locate

6. Right click on the VirutalReScan icon:

7. Hover over the Profile button:

8. Select the (VRS) Profile of the scanning profile that you are using from the list
​Selecting a profile from this list will make it the default profile.
The profile with the check mark is the active and current default profile that is used.

9. Put documents into the scanner's feeder tray.

10. Click Yes on the document feeder empty window.

10. Documents will begin scanning into ImageNow.


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