Master Data Infotypes
Infotype Title Infotype Number Data Maintained
Actions 0000 Action Type, Reason for Action, Position Number, Employee Subgroup
Organizational Assigment 0001 Personnel Area, Personnel Sub Area, Employee Group, Employee Subgroup, Position Number, Payroll Area
Personal Data 0002 Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Known As Name, SSN, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status
Addresses 0006 Address Type (Permanent, Campus, Work, Off Campus Work, Emergency), Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Confidentiality Flag, C/O Name, Telephone Number
Planned Working Time 0007 Work Schedule Rule, Time Management Status, Part-Time indicator switch, Employment Percent, Daily Working Hours, Weekly workdays
Basic Pay 0008 Employee Group and Level, Work hours per pay period, Annual Salary or Hourly Rate
Bank Details 0009 Bank Details Type (main bank or other bank), Bank Account Number, Payment Type (check of direct deposit), Amount of deposit or Percentage of pay to be deposited.
Recurring Payments and Deductions 0014 Deduction of Payment type, Amount of Deduction or Payment. This is used to pay 10-month faculty, miscellanous deductions, and to pay Prof Ed Faculty for classes taught. Also used for Stipends and overload payments.
Additional Payments 0015 Payment type, Amount of Payment. This infotype os used to pay one-type payments for employees.
Education Data 0022 Degree received, Educational Establishment, Branch of Study.
Qualification Data 0024 Qualification Type, Date Qualification Received, Proficiency of Qualification.
Cost Distribution 0027 Alternative distribution of payroll salary and wages. This distribution overrides cost center on infotype 0001.
Check Distribution 0032 Building and room number where payroll check is distributed.
Corporate Functions 0034 Tenure status, Emeritus status
Ad Hoc Data 0035 MPSERS participant, frozen sick leave balance, 8233 participant, spending code, contract year, 9/10 month salary, 12 month salary, benefit salary, (fac) union participant, medical and dental payback buyout, spouse CMU employee, credit hour rate, (student) contract value.
Date Specifications 0041 Original hire date, leave accrual date, current employee group start date.
Additional Personal Data 0077 Ethnicity, Veteran Status.
Residence Status & I9 0094 Citizenship, I9 data.
FTE 9000 Full time equivalent by position and employee subgroup for faculty and staff.
Multiple Assignments 9001 Position assignment(s) with related org unit and cost center, wage type, rate and planned working hours by pay period for students and temporary staff.


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