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The following steps should be completed to set up cellular services with CMU:

  1. Transfer your existing phone number(s) to CMU's corporate account.
  2. Request a new phone number(s), if you are not maintaining a current one.
  3. ​Complete a Subscriber Agreement.

Cellular services may be set up in the following ways:

  • Request a new device with a new phone number
  • Request a transfer of your personal phone number(s) to CMU's corporate account. Transfers are commonly known as:
    • Transfer of Liability (TOL)
    • Assumption of Liability (AOL)
  • Request a transfer of your personal phone number(s) from one carrier to another carrier on CMU's corporate account. These are known as ports.

Transfer your existing phone number(s) to CMU's corporate account

Complete one of the following set of steps, depending on whether you choose to keep the same carrier (transfer), or change carriers (port).


  1. Call your carrier and have the phone number separated from any shared plan. You will want to confirm that the remaining lines have an appropriate plan set up. This step will need to be completed by the personal account owner.
  2. ​Verify that you have a CMU Cellular Services eligible device.
  3. ​​Complete the appropriate transfer paperwork based on your carrier.


  1. Verify that your phone number is eligible to port to your selected carrier.
  2. Call your carrier to verify if you will be charged an early termination fee for porting your number to a new carrier.
  3. Complete the port form, and submit to the Cellular Services office.

Request a new phone number(s), if you are not maintaining a current one.

Additional paperwork is not needed to request a new phone number. You will need to include your area code preference on the Subscriber Agreement.

Complete a Subscriber Agreement

The following information will assist you in completing the Subscriber Agreement:

  1. Click the Add, Change, or Cancel Service button on the Cellular Service homepage.
  2. In the Order box, enter your phone number. If you are requesting new service, leave this field blank.
  3. Select the appropriate carrier. If you are porting, select your new carrier choice.
  4. Select the appropriate order type.
    • Upgrade: You already have service with CMU, and want to order a new phone.
    • Replacement: You are ordering a worry-free guarantee or warranty replacement.
    • Port: You are transferring your number to CMU, and changing carriers.
    • Transfer: You are transferring your numbers to CMU, maintaining the same carrier.
    • New: You are ordering a new mobile device with a new phone number. Be sure to include your area code preference in the field that populates below the order type.
    • Cancel: You are canceling your CMU cellular service.
    • Plan Change: You are changing your current plan or features.
  5. Enter your account information.
  6. Enter the plan and features you are choosing in the Cellular Services box. If you enter the amount of minutes you are choosing, you will be able to choose your plan from the drop down list.
  7. Enter the mobile device you are purchasing/replacing in the Equipment/Accessories box.
  8. If you are not able to pick up your device from our office, you may select to have your device shipped to you in the Shipping Information box.
  9. Review the Terms and Conditions, check the box if you agree, and include your name and select the appropriate date. ​


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