Get Started

​​​​​​Transferring your Verizon service to CMU?​

Complete and submit the following two forms to our office and we'll take it from there! Feel free to email, fax, or stop by our location in Lower Level Woldt Dining to submit Verizon's transfer on form.​

Porting your phone number(s) to CMU?

Porting your number(s) allows you to keep the same phone number while switching to a new carrier. Keep in mind that porting your number off of your current account prior to fulfilling your contract may result in your carrier charging you an early termination fee (ETF). In order to port your number(s) to CMU, complete the "Port my number from another carrier" option of the Service & Order Form.

Ordering brand new service?​

You can order a brand new device and number by completing the "Start new service" option of the  Service & Order Form​. ​

Need to change your plan, or add/remove a feature?​

Click the Add, Change, or Cancel Service option to the right, and select "Change my plan" as your transaction type.

Note to Alumni!

If you no longer have an active global ID and/or password, we will need you to complete the Global ID Registration form. The form will set you up with credentials (global ID and password) to log into CentralLink, and a Free Lifetime Email account!