Verizon Transfer On

Please submit a New Verizon Form in addition to the Verizon Transfer On form.

The Verizon transfer on form can be downloaded from the link below. Please complete the relinquishing customer sections, and submit​ the form to our office.


  • We are unable to transfer on lines using the following equipment:
    • ​Alltel devices
    • Verizon Nationwide devices
    • Home Phone Connect
    • ​Verizon Broadband Routers
  • Device payment agreements must be satisfied before Verizon will process any transfers.
  • The Verizon form must contain only the main account owner's information in the relinquishing customer sections. Verizon will not accept forms containing the information of other authorized end users.
  • Please include your Campus and Global IDs at the top of the form.
  • If you are not transferring all phone numbers from your current account, and will be transferring the primary phone number, you will need to designate a different phone number as the primary prior to submitting the transfer on form.
  • Early termination fees do not apply for transfers.