Verizon Services

​Verizon provides a wide range of service plans, additional service options, and cellular devices. Please select from an option below. ​We do not have devices in stock. ​All devices must be ordered. Phone prices are subject to change.​ A $5.00 Order Processing Fee will be applied to all device orders.

Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions​

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All plans include:

Unlimited Verizon to VerizonNights & Weekends (excludes zero minute plans)
Voicemail Caller ID
Call Waiting Call Forwarding
No Answer/Busy Transfer 3-Way Calling
Pooling (excludes unlimited​)Unlimited* Data (smart phones & MiFi devices only)
​ ​

*Verizon Terms & Conditions​ apply, important limitations are listed within the section titled VZAccess and VZEmail (Mobile Broadband & Data Services) Users will experience a decrease in speed once 25GB of data is exceeded, but charges will not​ be applied for usage beyond 25GB. 

**The minutes and messaging included in this plan are domestic only. You will still be charged per minute and per message while you are traveling internationally.​​​

***America's Choice Smartphone Add-On does not include night & weekend minutes. Phone calls placed or accepted during off peak (night & weekend) hours will ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​use minutes from your account's minute pool.

Activate your new upgrade

You can activate your new upgrade in a few simple steps.

  1. Dial 1-877-807-4646 from your current mobile phone.
  2. Enter your mobile telephone number when prompted.
  3. Press 1 to activate your new device.
  4. Turn off your current device.
  5. Turn on your new device.
  6. Your new device should activate in 3 to 5 minutes.
  7. Once your new phone is activated, place a test call to confirm the activation: #832

Suspend Service

Verizon allows you to suspend your service for up to 90 days without being charged your normal monthly service rate. The billing for your service will stop on the day the suspension becomes effective, and will continue after 90 days, or when you request to have your previous plan restored. Once your service has been suspended for 90 days, you can choose to suspend your service in the future, but you will be charged your normal monthly service rate. You will notice prorated charges​ on your monthly statement when your mobile phone is suspended. Please note, your service term, or contract, will be extended for every day your service is suspended.

Check your Verizon usage

Verizon users can track current usage by downloading the My Verizon Mobile​ application, or by following the instructions below. The features available in the My Verizon Mobile app are limited to usage monitoring.

  1. ​Dial 1-800-295-1614
  2. Press 1 if you are calling from your mobile phone. If not, press 2, then enter your mobile telephone number
  3. Select option 2
  4. Select option 2
  5. A service representative will provide usage details