PrintQ Remote Printing Stations

​What is a PrintQ remote printing station?

Printing stations have been placed in various locations​ around campus. These printing stations have been installed to allow for more convenient and mobile printing from the Virtual Lab. For example, you will be able to send a print job to a print station from your personal laptop or library desktop and then release that print job when you're at the remote printing station.

Where are the remote printing stations located?

    • Park Library 101 - OIT Help Desk
    • Park Library Extended Hours Study
    • Park Library 2nd Floor
    • Park LIbrary 2rd Floor
    • Park Library 4th Floor
    • Woldt-Emmons Lobby 
    • Grawn Student Lounge
    • IBIE Building
    • University Center 

    How do I print to the remote printing station?

    1. Log into the Virtual Lab (or Lab Applications on a Library desktop) and open the document that you would like to print.

    2. Select the remote printer that you would like to send the document to. The printer names are provided below:

      • LIBRARY_HELPDESK_KIOSK (Park Library 101 - Help Desk)
      • LIBRARY_1ST_FLOOR_KIOSK (Park Library Extended Hours Study)
      • LIBRARY_2ND_FLOOR_REFERENCE_KIOSK (Park Library  2nd Floor)
      • LIBRARY_2ND_FLOOR_BOOKCHECKOUT_KIOSK (Park Library  2nd Floor)
      • LIBRARY_3RD_FLOOR_KIOSK (Park Library 3rd Floor)
      • LIBRARY_4TH_FLOOR_KIOSK (Park Library 4th Floor)
      • WOLDT_EMMONS_LOBBY_KIOSK (Woldt-Emmons Lobby)
      • GRAWN_STUDENT_LOUNGE_KIOSK (Grawn Student Lounge)
      • GRAWN_IBIE_KIOSK (IBIE Building)
      • UC_KIOSK (University Center)

    3. The print job has now been successfully sent to the printer. Instructions on how to release the print job are provided below.

    How do I release the print job?

    1. Visit the remote printing station you sent the print job to.

    2. Log into the remote station with your Global ID and password.

    3. Once you have logged in, check the box(es) for the print job(s) you would like to release.

    4. Select the Release button.

    5. The print job will now be sent to the printer. It should only take a few moments for the job to finish.


    If I don't log out of the remote printing station, will it automatically log out for me?

    The remote stations will automatically log out an active session after 45 seconds. However, it is important to select Log Out when you are finished releasing your print job.

    When am I charged for the prints? Once I send the print job to the printing station or after I release the job?

    Once the print job is released at the remote printing station, your print quota will be charged. If you send a print job to a remote printing station but never release it, you will not be charged.

    How long do I have to release the print job I sent to a printing station?

    Pending print jobs will remain at the remote print station for up to 24-hours. If a print job is not released before 24-hours, it will automatically removed from your pending prints and you will not be charged.

    If the printer does not print after I release the job, who do I talk to?

    Park Library 101 - Help Desk:
    1. Ask a Help Desk employee for assistance.
    Park Library 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Floor:
    1. Ask for assistance at the reference desk. 

    2. If no one is available at the reference desk, call (989-774-3662) or visit the Help Desk in Park Library 101.
    Grawn Student Lounge
    1. Call the Help Desk for assistance at (989) 774-3662
    ​IBIE Building
    1. Call the Help Desk for assistance at (989) 774-3662​
    Woldt-Emmons Lobby
    1. Call the Help Desk for assistance at (989) 774-3662
    University Center
    1. Ask for assistance at the information desk.

    2. If no one is available at the information desk, call (989-774-3662) or visit the Help Desk in Park Library 101.


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