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IT offers voice mail to students and staff. Two types of mailboxes are available, single and tree. Single mailboxes are intended for one user but can be accessed by multiple users. Tree mailboxes are split for as many users as is necessary so each may have their own mailbox on the same phone line. Single mailboxes are assigned a 4 digit number, and treed mailboxes are assigned a 6 digit number associated with your phone line.

Activating Voice Mail

To order voice mail, contact Telecommunications Customer Service at 774-3091. Have the following information ready:

  1. Your name
  2. Your office phone number
  3. Your office building and room number

Accessing Voice Mail

Different Voicemail Checking Procedures

First, dial 774-6000 (or only the extension 6000), and then follow these directions, based on your type of voicemail:

Your on-campus 4-digit mailbox Enter your 4-10 digit passcode at the prompt
Your on-campus 6-digit mailbox Enter ** followed by your mailbox number and your passcode.  For example: **12345612345 would be entered for mailbox number 123456 with the passcode 12345.
Off-campus, or on-campus but not your phone (4- or 6-digit mailbox) Enter * followed by your mailbox number, then your passcode.

Using Voice Mail Functionality

User Tutorial

New users are required to use to this tutorial when a new mailbox is created.  You will be taken through the steps to:

  1. Change the initial passcode.
  2. Record a greeting.
  3. Record your voice for the system.

Playing Messages

Once logged in, you will be notified of how many messages are new and saved. Press P (7) to play your new messages. You may press T (8) to skip to the top of the next message. After playing the message follow the prompts for instructions on how to delete messages.

NOTE: You can retrieve a deleted message if you press * before you hang up and leave the system.

Answering Messages

You can only answer messages if they were sent internally to the system.  You cannot answer a message from an outside caller. After pressing A to answer a message, the system will respond "Record an answer for [Your Name]," followed by a beep . The system will end recording after 3 seconds of silence. You may then follow the prompts.

"Giving" (Forwarding) Messages

After playing a message, the user can press G to give it to another mailbox in the system. After pressing G, the system will respond with, "Enter mailbox to give message to."  Enter a mailbox number, and the system will tell you the mailbox name, after which it will request any additional mailbox numbers.   When you have finished the entering mailbox numbers to send the message to, the system will respond, "Record additional comments," followed by a beep. After 3 seconds of silence, the system will stop recording. You may then follow the prompts.

 Message Addressing Options

After answering, giving, or making a message, the user can press M (6) to access message addressing options. The system will prompt the user to mark the message confidential, urgent, request a return receipt, or access future delivery. ​​​


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