Consulting and Repair Services
The IT Telecommunications group provides service and support to all students, faculty and staff in the areas of telecommunications, computer networking, Internet access, cable television, computer laboratories, and more. Computer repairs, both hardware and software, are performed by OIT's on-site computer technicians. To request a technician to work on your computer, call the Help​ Desk​ at (989) 774-3662 and request a work order.

Repair Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Operating Systems and Software
  • Desktop, Office Printers, & Copy/Scan/Fax Machines
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Virus and Malware Cleaning
  • Basic Data Recovery

Computer Hardware

Technical Services is able to perform repair services on computers from a wide range of hardware vendors. We are able to perform certified warranty repair work on Dell, HP, and Apple hardware; repairs on non-warrantied computers are available for almost any computer vendor. OCRS is also able to make recommendations on computer, printer, and server purchases.

Computer Operating Systems and Software

Technical Services can install or upgrade nearly any open source or commercially available software product or operating system from a variety of vendors including Apple, Microsoft, Ubuntu, Adobe, VMWare and others.

Desktop, Office Printers, & Copy/Scan/Fax Machines

Technical Services can perform repair and maintenance operations on a wide range of printers and plotters on campus. This includes anything from removing jammed paper and objects to ink/toner replacement to replacement of broken or damaged components.

Internet Connectivity

Technical Services works in conjunction with OIT's Networking group to assist faculty, staff and students in gaining access to CMU's campus network resources and repairing problems as they arise. We are able to assist in a range of problems ranging from limited to no connectivity, bandwidth quota issues for students, computer network adapter issues, and the setup of network printers, scanners, and storage devices.

Virus and Malware Cleaning

Technical Services performs full service virus and malware identification, eradication, and prevention activities for all members of the university community.

Basic Data Recovery

Technical Services can recover data from many computers where physical damage or virus/malware intrusion has rendered them unusable. In cases where Technical Services is not able to recover data from damaged computers we are able to engage the services of third party data recovery companies for additional assistance.​