​​​​​​​Embedding Video from the Web

Embedding Video SP2013.pdf

1.    Browse to the page which you wish to edit.

2.    Click Page tab or the Gear Icon and then Edit Page.

3.    Place the cursor at the location where you want the embedded video to appear.

4.    On the Insert tab, click Web Part.

Web Part.png

5.    In Categories highlight Media and Content, then highlight Content Editor

 Content Editor.png

6.    Then click the Add button.

Web Part Add Button.png 


7.    In the resulting Web Part, click on the down arrow to the far right of Content Editor,  
Content Editor Down Arrow.png
 8.    Then click the Edit Web Part link.

Edite Web Part Link.png
9.    In the Content Editor Dialog box that opens in the upper right hand corner of the browser, under Appearance, replace Content Editor in the Title box with an appropriate title for your embedded video.  Here I replaced it with Freshman Orientation.

Web Part Dialog Box.png 


10.  Then click OK or Apply at the bottom of the dialog box.

OK or Apply.png 


11.  In the Web Part that is now on the page, click the Click here to add new content link.  The cursor will appear in the content area of the Web Part.

Click here to add new content.png 


12.  On the Ribbon, under Format Text, click the Edit Source button.
Edit Source.png

13.  Paste the EMBED HTML from the video you wish to embed.  It's important to modify the HTML such that the dimensions of the embedded video do not exceed 600 pixels of width so that it won't be wider than the column in which it's placed. A width of 555 gives a similar border on both sides of the Web Part.  Click OK to insert the HTML into that content area.
HTML Source OK.png

14.  The video will now appear on your page. ​

 Freshman Orientation