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As an Instructor, what are the benefits for implementing Blackboard in my class?

(What is Blackboard?)

(Why use Blackboard?)

Where is Blackboard located?

How do I log into Blackboard?

What do I need in order to successfully use Blackboard?

When is a course created?

Courses are created well before the beginning of each semester. Each CMU class will automatically have a Blackboard course created and is uniquely identified by the course reference number.

When are students added to courses?

Why wouldn't a specific student be able to access a course?

Typically, if all students within a class are unable to view a specific course, the instructor has not made the course available to students. If the majority of a class can view the course but a small sample of students cannot, one of the following most likely applies:

  • The student is not properly registered for the class
  • The student was dropped from a course for not paying the tuition bill
  • The student is at a website other than:

If a student is certain none of the above apply, it is recommended to contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 for further investigation.

How do I set a course to Available?

When is a course removed?

Can I use the package import feature?

When are students removed from courses?

Individuals are removed from a Blackboard course when they are no longer registered for the course in the Student Life Cycle Management system.  This is a process that runs 4 times per day.

Do Instructors have the ability to create new courses?

No, contact the OIT Help Desk;

Can Instructors create new Blackboard accounts?

(Guest Account Policy)

(User Enrollment Policy)

(Creating a Test Student)

When would an Instructor need to enroll a user into a course?

(How To Manually Enroll)

(User Enrollment Policy)

Should I, as an Instructor, enroll students in my courses?

When would an Instructor need to remove a user from a course?

Where can I go to find additional assistance for Blackboard?

Where can I get information on Blackboard outages or other major system news?​​​


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