Student Email

How do I forward my email?

View the following document for information on forwarding your email: CLICK HERE

Can I use my smartphone my student email account?

Yes, check the following document for further information on mobile devices and CMail: CLICK HERE

What happens when my mailbox is full? Will my messages be queued for delivery?

No, your undelivered messages will not be queued for delivery and an error message will be returned to the message sender.  If your mailbox is full, it is recommended that you immediately clear space by deleting unneeded messages.  Once you are under your quota, you will again be able to receive messages.

Do I need to login to my student email through iCentral, or is there a direct login page?

You can do either one. For many people, logging in through the iCentral is fine. However, the direct link is

How do I create a mailing list group?

For mailing to groups, consult the following document:​ CLICK HERE

Can I recall a message after it has been sent?

Once a message has been sent, it cannot be recalled.

How do I log into my RSO email account?

Logging into your RSO email account is basically the same as logging into your regular email.  First navigate to the webpage On that page, enter your RSO's logon ID and password.  You should then be logged into the email account.

If you still cannot get in, you may not have the proper permissions to access the account. In order to get the permissions, someone with access to the email account will need to call the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 and request that your Global ID be added to the account.

I'm trying to send an attachment, but it is too large. What should I do? What is the maximum size?

In order to ensure that your mail is delivered successfully, the total size of the message should not exceed 25 Megabytes (MB). The attachments should also not be in any format that is often restricted by antivirus filters, such as files with a .exe extension.

If you really need to send a file that is too large for email, it might be possible to host the file on your CMU My Site. This option does require more detailed knowledge of the systems that CMU uses, so you may need to familiarize yourself first. Some very useful guides can be found here.

The page linked to above contains guides for setting up your My Site. Specifically, it will be necessary to add permissions for other CMU users if you wish for them to be able to access your My Site content. Similarly, you can grant full anonymous access if someone who is not affiliated with CMU will need access to your My Site content.​​​​​​​​​​​​


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