Software and Site Licensing

What software is available through the CMU site license?

See the University Software Vendor License Agreements or contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662.

What software is available to download, and how do I do this?

For a list of available software to download, visit the Help Desk Software Download Center.

How do I get a copy of the software?

You have several options:

  • The Help Desk has copies of common Microsoft applications available. The license requires that you visit the Help Desk (located in Park Library 101) in person and present a valid Faculty/Staff ID card. You will be charged a small fee to cover the costs of redistribution, but the CD is yours to keep. See the Microsoft Campus Agreement for a list of charges.
  • Media Services no longer distributes Microsoft software due to licensing changes. However, you may check out a CD of freeware/shareware software.
  • Configuration Manager (formerly SMS) provides many common Microsoft applications. Log in to the CENTRAL Domain to see a list and/or install this software through the Advertised Programs Control Panel. For assistance with this process, or if you are not on Configuration Manager and would like to be, contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662.
  • On-site service from Information Technology computer repair technicians is available. Technicians also have copies of the Microsoft applications and the Macintosh operating systems. If you would like a technician to install the software for you, call the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 and ask them to put in a work order. Time and material charges may apply if you choose this option.

Am I eligible to use software under this agreement?

All campus-owned machines, including lab machines, are licensed under this agreement. All employees of the University (Faculty, Staff, and Student employees) are entitled to the Home Use option. For more information on the Campus Agreement, see Software Vendor License Agreements or contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662.

Are there any associated costs with the software available under this agreement?

Information Technology has already paid the licensing fee for all the software covered under this agreement. If you want to have your own copy of the media, you are responsible for covering the redistribution costs of that media. See Software Vendor License Agreements for list of available media and the associated charges. In the event you need on site technician assistance for this installation, time and material charges may also apply.

I am having difficulties installing or using software under this agreement. Who do I contact for support?

There are several electronic resources available to you. Most of your software questions can be answered through the built in online help provided with each of the packages. In addition, both Microsoft and Apple have excellent support knowledge bases online that you may find extremely useful. Visit the Apple support site at: or the Microsoft support site at In addition to those resources, the Help Desk is always available to answer your computer questions. Feel free to call the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 with questions about the software covered under this agreement, or about any other computer questions.

How soon does software become available after it is released?

In most cases, there is typically a 2 to 3 month window between the time a software upgrade is released and the time Information Technology has it ready for redistribution. The delay is due to the time it takes to acquire the media, duplicate it for redistribution, sufficiently test the media so campus-wide recommendations can be made, and for various technology areas on campus to prepare for support.