I think my computer might have a virus. What should I do?

The safest way to ensure that your computer is virus free is to install a virus scanner with the most recent virus definition files. Microsoft and Avast provide free solutions, so anti-virus software is available to all students, staff, and faculty. For instructions on installation of Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avast, visit the Software Download Center.

I want to protect my computer from viruses. What options are available?

Microsoft Security Essentails and Avast are free Anti Virus programs that are available to all students, staff, and faculty.

These products not only disinfect current viruses, but will also protect your computer from new infections.  For instructions on installation of Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avast, visit the Software Download Center.​

I think a virus may have damaged my computer. Who can help me?

If you suspect your computer has been damaged by a virus, or if your computer malfunctions for any reason, contact the Help Desk​ at (989) 774-3662. The Help Desk has two levels of support, both general support and more advanced technical support. In the event that you have an extremely complex issue, or any issue that requires special attention, the Help Desk can redirect your request to on-site computer technicians. Those technicians will schedule an appointment and to work with you directly on your problem. In the event your problem goes to this level, time and material charges may apply.

My computer just got infected with a virus, but I only open documents and programs from people I know and trust. How is this possible?

Most people do not send you viruses intentionally, and most people that have computer viruses do not know they have them. Accepting documents only from people you know and trust is no guarantee that you won't receive viruses, However, it is a good idea not to open documents and programs from sources you do not know.


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