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At some point during your time at CMU, you may need a little help accessing and using the technology available to you on campus. That's where we come in. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk, Park Library 101, is the main form of technology support for students, faculty and staff at CMU.

The scope and nature of our services is extremely dynamic - we customize our service to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a technology question or need that doesn't seem to be addressed here, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work to provide the answers you're looking for!

Below you'll find a brief description of just some of the services available through the OIT Help Desk:

Central point of contact for technology problems

The OIT Help Desk is the front line of support for all of OIT systems as well as a number of college and department specific systems. Any problems that cannot be answered on first contact will be escalated to the appropriate group for resolution, whether it be within OIT or a department or college. Have a question about Blackboard or a problem with your desktop computer? There is only one place you need to know to contact: the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

Problem and knowledge management

The OIT Help Desk maintains and utilizes a centralized problem management system called HP Service Manager. This system is not only used to log, track, and route problems and requests to the appropriate group for resolution within the Office of Information Technology, but also to college and departmental technology groups as well. The Help Desk also utilizes a knowledge management utility to capture answers to questions, and other official documentation used by employees to deliver a clear and consistent response to your inquiries.

Account Assistance

Whether you're having trouble signing into your email, dialing up from a remote location, or don't know your SAP password, you can contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance. Our staff has administrative access to most campus systems and can typically take care of the problem immediately over the phone. If by chance we can't help you, we will put you in contact with the appropriate person or office. Also see Your Global ID and Password(s).

System and Technology Information

Got a question about Outlook, Blackboard, or a function of voice mail? Call us. We maintain an extensive knowledge base with a vast array of documentation regarding technology at CMU.

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting

Having problems with your network connection in your dorm or office? Does your computer seem to be acting "weird"? We can help you figure out why. The OIT Help Desk maintains an expert staff trained to help you narrow down what may be wrong. Although 80% of all our technology questions will be answered on the first call, we have multiple-tier support that offers more in-depth, research-based technical support. This helps ensure that you get the help you need to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Office and Personal Computer Repair

Sometimes you may have an issue that cannot be fixed over the phone. When this happens, we have computer repair technicians ready to be dispatched for repairs in the field. They are certified for major brand warranty work, and charge considerably less than commercial repair services. This chargeable service is extended to both CMU owned and personal computers.


 The ResNet service is provided free* to students residing in residence halls and apartments, to help get connected to the network and ensure that their computers are virus and malware free.

*ResNet depots, which are available only at the beginning of each Fall semester, may charge a fee.

Telecommunications and Cable Equipment

Need a network patch cord to hook up the ethernet in your dorm or office? Need a cable cord, or a telephone splitter? The OIT Help Desk maintains a ready supply of this type of equipment, available for pick-up any time. Since all charges are applied to your University account, no cash is necessary.

Telephone and Cable Repair

The OIT Help Desk offers telephone and cable repair anywhere on campus. If you're not getting a channel you're supposed to, or your telephone display is not working correctly, you can contact our staff and we will dispatch a technician on site as quickly as possible.

Fax Transmittal

Need to send a fax? We'll send up to 20 pages for $ 3.00 (additional pages may cost extra). All charges will be applied to your CMU account. No need for cash!

Software Distribution

If you need the latest antivirus software, the OIT Help Desk can provide it. Additionally, faculty and staff members in need of specific Microsoft applications or statistical software packages (e.g. SPSS) may acquire them through our office. Also see our online Software Download Center.

Test and Survey Scanning

The OIT Help Desk provides optical test and survey scanning and scoring. We will take your tests and surveys on standard University distributed "bubble sheets" and return to you not only scores, but helpful reports and files that make your life easier (e.g. question optimization, Blackboard upload file).

Classroom Response

If you are in the middle of a class and the mediated system just isn't acting right, go ahead and pick up the podium phone! It will ring directly to the dedicated classroom support line. If you are no longer in the classroom, simply call the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662, and we can have a classroom technician visit that room at the earliest possible time. For hours of operation, please check the lower right of this page. For general information, click here.

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