CMU Technology Awareness and Training Team (TATT) - About

‚ÄčThe Technology Awareness and Training Team (TATT) was created and efforts were launched throughout the Summer of 2018. The team is based within the Office of Information Technology, but our collaboration and impact are University-wide.

Team Objectives:

  1. Creating an awareness of enterprise (and other useful) technologies (software, hardware, systems, +) that are available for use across the CMU community;
  2. Coordinating, creating, offering, and facilitating general and customized training materials and opportunities for all users;
  3. Assisting users with the tasks of identifying and implementing the technologies that best suit their needs to achieve a goal, overcome a challenge, improve an experience, simplify a task, save time or money, and more;
  4. Championing creative use and best practices throughout implementation and use;
  5. Providing a connection to ongoing support for users;
  6. Reviewing survey data and welcoming information contributions and proposals from parties that are interested in collaborating on efforts in an order of established priority.

Annual Report

Brian A. Roberts portrait
Brian A. Roberts
Title: Manager of Technology Awareness & Training
@CMU since 1997
Phone: 989-774-2116
Office: Park 311

Brian has worn a lot of different hats in his career, prior to and, at CMU; photojournalist, photographer, web developer, multimedia producer, instructional technologist, trainer, instructor, writer, presenter, moderator, project manager, consultant, event planner, cheerleader, nerd, fire fighter, and more. He thrives on being an all-around friend, colleague, and resource to students, faculty, and staff. 

His favorite part about his job is that he gets to learn a little bit about a lot of things via interactions with faculty, staff, and students from a wide variety of disciplines, departments, and organizations throughout the CMU community. Sure, this can make him dangerous at cocktail parties, but it also helps him maintain a grasp on the needs, wishes, challenges, and solutions that exist across the University landscape.

Brian loves facilitating the process of connecting those in need with the technology and training that allows them to be successful.
Away from work, Roberts enjoys spending time with amazing wife (Courtney) and daughter (Avery), quality time with friends and family, attending CMU sporting events, camping, traveling, listening to music, entertaining, adventure seeking, and road tripping with the stereo cranked up and the top off of his beloved Jeep Wrangler.