FREE LinkedIn Learning Courses Available


Yesterday, we received word that LinkedIn Learning has unlocked some of their most popular courses about working remotely and teaching online. In this time of great transition, we wanted to share these resources with you in hopes that you will benefit from them and put new skills and knowledge into action. 


LinkedIn Learning videos are created for mass appeal and consumption. CMU does not offer every tool/software/system/option mentioned within them, nor is training or support available for some of the things discussed. Where appropriate, we have included links to CMU-specific information about the tools and resources that we do offer. Please, be sure to refer to the collection of CMU links offered below for official information about what is going on and available specifically at CMU.

Working Remotely? These resources can help! (LinkedIn Learning Content)

Learn New Software and Skills! (Linked In Learning & CMU Content)

Online Teaching Tips & Tricks (LinkedIn Learning Content)

CMU Resources