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LinkedIn Learning - FREE CONTENT

  • LinkedIn Learning Content: On 3/24/20, we received word that LinkedIn Learning had unlocked some of their most popular courses regarding working remotely and teaching online. In this time of great transition, we wanted to share these resources with you in hopes that you will benefit from them and put new skills and knowledge into action.


  • Throughout April 2020, this vendor opened up their entire collection of online training at no cost. We hope that you were able to benefit from their generosity. As of May 1, they have scaled back their free offerings to include only past conference content, but there is still a lot of great stuff to take advantage of through July 1, 2020. In general, Pluralsight content is slanted very much toward individuals that work or have an interest in highly technical matters including software development, IT operations, business practices, cyber security, manufacturing, and more. Feel free to share this opportunity with colleagues and students. Please, note that CMU has no formal agreement with Pluralsight and that there is no guarantee of ongoing University funding for memberships.


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  • Bookings: Create a web site where end users can book appointments with staff based upon Outlook Calendar availability. Manage all reservations through an intuitive adminstrative interface.
  • Excel: Create spreadsheets and organize, analyze, and visualize data
  • Forms: Collect information via polls, surveys, and quizzes.
  • Lens: Take pictures of whiteboards, documents, handwritten notes and much more and import them into numerous software such as OneNote and OneDrive. 
  • OneDrive: Create, store, upload, download, and share documents with a few simple clicks. Also, includes how create, store, edit, and share Microsoft Office 365 files.
  • OneNote:  Write, type, sketch, record and share notes from anywhere via the cloud. 
  • OneNote Class Notebook: Create and manage a digital notebook for each class, group, term, or project. Distribute instructional content to entire classes or individual students and provide instant, real-time feedback to students.
  • OneNote Staff Notebook: Set up a OneNote notebook for your staff members which includes three types of sub-notebooks: Collaboration Space, Content Library, and Private Staff Member Notebooks.
  • Planner: Create project plans, assign tasks and deadlines, utilize notifications, share files, and more for yourself or within an organization. 
  • Snipping ToolQuickly and easily capture whatever is displayed on your Windows device.
  • Sway: Create presentations, blogs, newsletters, portfolios, resumes, and other projects in creative and interactive ways. 
  • Stream:  Upload and share videos, collaborate and communicate, and even live stream video within the greater CMU community
  • Teams: Teams is a powerful and secure hub where users can bring numerous Office 365 and other collaborative systems together to chat, meet, create, edit and share files, and more.
  • To-Do: Create lists, manage your day and prioritize your tasks, share with others, and more.
  • Whiteboard: Draw, sketch, annotate, design, collaborate, save, and share in the cloud.
  • Yammer: Create and participate in public or private groups, communicate, share information, create and respond to polls, direct message, praise, and much more in a social-media like platform. 

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  • Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System: Create and deliver highly engaging classroom and general presentations to students and audience members in face-to-face or online modalities. Adopt, author, and assign interactive electronic textbooks, course notes, question packs, slide decks, handouts, and other Open Educational Resources (OER) to students.