CMU Technology Awareness and Training Team (TATT) - Workshop, Webinar, and Event Information and Registration

Adobe Digital Literacy Cafe: Faculty Development Programs for Transformative Digital Teaching

May 26, 2021, 11am - 12pm EST

Format: Webinar

Cost: Free

According to a recent Inside Higher Education survey of 150+ campus presidents and chancellors, the greatest challenges we all face with the acceleration of online and remote teaching are student engagement, faculty training, and equitable access. We’ll talk with architects of three unique faculty development programs that cultivate transformative digital teaching across the curriculum.

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July 28 & 29, Schedule TBD
Format: Virtual Conference
Cost: Free
Join us for the global Adobe for Education Summit celebrating creativity across the curriculum for educators in every subject area and grade level. We'll discuss how to build skills for digital literacy, empower student learning experiences, and nurture the next generation of life-long creators. Discover how to create inspired teaching experiences and design for deeper leraning. 

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