Campus Wide Telephone System

Telecommunications Repair Service phone: (989) 774-3662

Types of Phones

  • Restricted
    These phones are located in all residence hall rooms, campus apartments, and in some campus and administrative offices and can be used to make direct calls anywhere on campus. A CMU calling card or authorization code (authcode) is necessary to place long distance calls from residence halls and campus apartments. Authcodes and CMU calling cards are issued by Information Technology and are used to assign calling charges.
  • Unrestricted
    These phones are located in many campus offices and allow direct dialing anywhere on- or off-campus without authorization codes. Charges for calls made from these phones are itemized on billing statements issued to offices.
  • Emergency Phones
    CMU has emergency phones at more than 20 locations across campus. These phones are marked by blue lights and connect directly with the police department. To see a list of phone locations, click here​.
  • Pay Phones
    Pay phones located across campus can be operated with coins or calling cards.

For instructions on using the campus phone system, see the How-to Guide: Placing a Call from On-Campus. In addition to standard telephone service, advanced business features such as call forwarding, call waiting, and 3-way calling are available to different groups, as shown in the How-to Guide: Using Phone Features.

Threatening, Obscene, Nuisance, or Harassment Calls

Michigan State Law (Public Act No. 328 of 1969) prohibits the use of telephone communication for these types of calls and provides that any person violating this statute may be imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or fined not more than $500.00, or both.

If you receive a call in any of the above categories, record the following information:
  • The exact time of the call
  • The duration of the call
  • The telephone number on which you received the call
  • What was said by the caller
  • Any background noises, echoes, etc.

Immediately report the above information to CMU Police at 774-3081.

Warning to All Telephone Users

Michigan Complied Laws Annotated (MCLA 750.219a) in part reads as follows:

Any person who knowingly obtains or attempts to obtain telephone services or the transmission of a telephone message by the use of any false of fictitious telephone credit number or telephone number or by the use of any telephone credit number  or telephone number of another without the authority of the person to whom such credit number or telephone number was issued, is guilty of a misdemeanor. If the total value of telephone service obtained in a manner prohibited by this section exceeds $100.00, the offense shall be prosecuted as a felony.

Note: CMU Calling Cards and authocodes are telephone credit numbers. ​​​


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