International Travel - Do's & Don'ts


1. Consult the Data Security Recommendations for International Travelers for extensive     information about traveling with laptops and other electronic devices.

2. Screen the country and institution you plan to visit against the Consolidated                    Screening List and screen the people you plan to meet against the Specially                      Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (Or ask us to do the screening for            you!). Do this early in the planning process.

3. Be very careful about discussing any research that has not been published or                    establishing research collaborations.

4. Consult the Commerce Control List if you plan to leave anything behind in the                  country you visit. For example, research instruments or "gifts" for your hosts.

5. Consult this office if there is ANY indication that a license may be needed for a visit.

6. Complete the International Travel Approval Request.


1. Assume that an institution or person in a country that is friendly to the US is not on         a government watch list.

2. Assume that obtaining a license from Department of Commerce or Department of          the Treasury replaces the need for you to obtain a visa from the country you plan to        visit.

3.  Do not commit to invited foreign persons to visit CMU to study or conduct research       until you have discussed the matter with your department chair or college dean.

4. Assume anything about being able to travel to North Korea, Syria, Iran, Crimea                Region of Ukraine, or Cuba. These countries are subject to very stringent controls on      exports and financial transactions.

Updated 3/28/2020

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