Animal Care and Use Program Hands On and Facility Access Training

‚ÄčHands-on training in animal handling techniques is provided by animal facility managers, veterinary staff and professional animal care staff.

These training sessions provide an introduction to facilities, as well as an overview of the laboratory rodent and other laboratory animals, in both a lecture and hands on format.  Basic handling, restraint, and other techniques will be demonstrated.  Class participants have the opportunity to practice their newly-acquired skills under the supervision of experienced trainers.

Session I training must be completed prior to being granted unsupervised access to an animal facility.

Other sessions may be required based on what species you will work with and what procedures your supervisor will have you perform.

Pre-requisites for Session I and all other hands on training courses include:

  • Completion of Animal Handler Occupational Health Program requirements.
  • Completion of required CITI training.
  • Completion of Lab Safety (OLFS) training courses indicated on the Safety Training form completed by your supervisor.
  • Training video pre-requisites can be accessed via SAP SuccessFactors or by contacting the Office of Research Compliance

Course sign up closes 3 business days prior to the planned course to allow the Office of Research Compliance time to ensure that sufficient trainers will be available.

To sign up for any training, please contact Tracee Wilson in the Office of Research Compliance at or 989-774-7313. 

Course Schedule:  All training sessions are provided in the Health Professions Building Vivarium unless indicated otherwise in the course schedule. Click on each session title to find a course description and video link(s). 

All prerequisites for each session (see individual course descriptions for details) MUST be completed prior to attending any session. You will not be able to attend a session if these prerequisites are not complete (Ex: watching required video) and will have to reschedule.

Session 1: Facility Introduction

  • Health Professions/South Research Building:
    • New schedule will be posted SOON. 

  • Biosciences Building:
    • Contact Tracee Wilson or Michael O'Neill for future  training sessions. As a reminder, please do not contact either of these individuals until ALL  required preresquisite are complete. You will not be able to attend any Bioscience training until this process is complete. 
  • Rowe Building:
    • Contact Tracee Wilson or Dr. Mark Reilly for future training sessions 

    Session 2: Hands - On Training: Mouse Overview (all facilities) 

    Can be completed with an Animal Facility Manager or PI.

    Session 3: Hands - On Training: Rat Overview (all facilities)

    Can be completed with an Animal Facility Manager or PI.

    To request any of the following training sessions (or training on a topic not listed here) please contact Tracee Wilson in the Office of Research Compliance.

    Session 4: Hands - On Training: Injection Techniques Mice or Rats

    Session 5:Hands - On Training:  Mouse Blood Collection Techniques

    Session 6: Hands - On Training:  Rat Blood Collection Techniques

    Session 7: Hands - On Training:  Euthanasia Procedures

    Session 8: Hands - On Training: Rodent Identification Techniques

    Session 9: Hands - On Training: Inhalation Anesthesia Machine Use/Vaporizer/Waste Gas, Setup, Induction, Anesthetic Maintenance, Monitoring and Recovery.

    Session 10: Hands - On Training: Rodent Survival Surgery

    Updated  1/21/2021