IBC Roster

Dr. Gregory Colores
IBC Chair Contact
Faculty Biology
Thomas E. Schultz
Biological Safety Officer, Ex-Officio
Staff, Biology
Dr. Kevin Park
Animal Expert
Faculty, Neuroscience
Dr. James Hageman
Local Non-Affiliated

Lisa Hunt
Local Non-Affiliated

Jefferey Percha
CMU Student/MMCC Faculty, Affiliated, Alternate

Lolly Gardiner
Affiliated Consultant, Scientific

Joseph Crossno
Ex-Officio, Contact
Assistant Director, Office of Research Compliance

Dr. Robert Bienkowski
Director, Office of Research Compliance

Dr. Ben Swarts
BSL3 User
Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Joanne Dannenhoffer
Plant Expert Consultant
Faculty, Biology

Dr. Jennifer Walton
Director, Office of Laboratory and Field Safety

Updated 9/5/2018

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