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Human Subjects Research Restrictions - COVID 19 Revised Announcement

In consultation with the VP for Research and Innovation and the VP for Health Affairs, the Provost has determined that face-to-face human subjects research, on and off campus, may now be conducted with fewer restrictions related to COVID-19. Additional University Review by the VPHA, Dr. Kikano, and VPRI, Dr. Weindorf, is no longer required on a case by case basis. Rather, investigators must consult and adhere to the policies, protocols, and guidelines that are available and routinely updated at CMU's COVID-19 policies, protocols, and guidelines adhere to the evolving CDC recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19; vaccination is strongly encouraged for investigators who interact directly with research participants.

Please be advised that CMU's guidance may change depending on the density of the virus across time; in this case, websites will be updated, and affected PI's will be notified. Drs. Kikano and Weindorf are available for individual consultation if needed.

Please contact the IRB Coordinator, Deb Geasler 
( ), IRB Chairperson, Dr. Katherine Rosier ( or Director of Research Compliance, Dr. Robert Bienkowski ( ) to verify that you may continue your research activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CMU Institutional Review Board is to:

  1. Safeguard and promote the health and welfare of human research subjects   by ensuring that their rights, safety and well-being are protected
  2. Provide timely and high quality education, review and monitoring of human          research projects; and
  3. Facilitate excellence in human subject research.

Ethical Principles

Central Michigan University is committed to conducting research with the highest regard for the welfare of human subjects. It upholds and adheres to the principles of The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research  by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects in Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1979). These principles include

  1. Respect for Persons, which is ensured by obtaining informed consent,                   consideration of privacy, confidentiality, and additional protections for vulnerable populations.
  2. Beneficence, which is assured by ensuring that possible benefits are                         maximized and possible risks are minimized to all human subjects.
  3. Justice, which is the equitable selection of subjects.
The CMU HRPP, in partnership with its research community, is responsible for ensuring the ethical and equitable treatment of all human subjects in research conducted under its auspices.

Research involving human subjects should not begin until the project has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board.

Required Training

Required training in human research protections is available through the CITI Program. Training is valid for 3 years.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the CMU Human Research Protection Program or about the operation of the Institutional Review Board, please contact us at 989-774-6401.

Tell Us How We're Doing

Comments about the program, concerns about operations, or suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please direct them to the Director of the Office of Research Compliance, Dr. Robert Bienkowski.

Updated  7/28/2021

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