IRB Roster - Mount Pleasant

2020 - 2021  IRB Roster

Dr. Katherine Rosier     
IRB Chairperson        
 Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Dr. Prakash Adhikari
Political Science & Public Administration

Dr. Noshir Amaria
College of Medicine 

Dr. Frim Ampaw

Educational Leadership

Ben Andera
Executive Director/Academic & Research Computing - OIT

Dr. Natalie Douglas
Communication Disorders

Dr. Robert Dvorak
Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Administration

Deborah Geasler
IRB Coordinator
Office of Research Compliance       

Tim Gramza    
Director/Learning Technology - Academic Computing - OIT    

Dr. Kyunghee Han
Karen Haskin
HIPPA Privacy Officer - Ex-Officio/Consultant

Pastor Dana Hendershot

Dr. Troy Hicks
Teacher Education and Professional Development

Kellie Hoehing
Graduate Student Member 

Dr. Tibor Marcinek

Dr. Marian Matyn
Park Library 

Dr. Elizabeth Meadows

Dr. Rachael Nelson
IRB Vice Chair 
School of Health Sciences

Dr. Hajime Otani
IRB Vice Chair

Dr. Neli Petrova Ragina
College of Medicine

Mike Reuter
Director/Distributed Computing & Technology Operations - OIT

Dr. Amy Sindik
School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts

Kurt Smith
Assistant Dean/Health IT - OIT

Steve Stressman

Dr. Gina Umpstead
Educational Leadership

Dr. Ksenia Ivanovna Ustinova
Physical Therapy 

Dr. Kirsten Weber
Communication & Dramatic Arts

Dr. Micah Zuhl
School of Health Professions

Updated 1/19/2021

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