Human Research Protection Program

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5-4Human Subject Research7/1/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 1:  Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 2:  Institutional Review Board5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 3:  Institutional Review Board Review Processes5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 4:  (Institional Review Board) Documentation and Records5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 5:  Informed Consent5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 6:  Vulnerable Subjects in Research5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 7:  FDA Regulated Research5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 8:  Reportable Events, Non-Reportable Events, and Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects or Others5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 9:  Protocol Exceptions and Deviations5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 10:  Complaints, Concerns, and Non-Compliance5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 11:  Reporting to Institutiona Officials, Regulatory Agencies, and AAHRPP5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 12:  Investigator Responsibilities5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 13:  Sponsored Research5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 14:  Financial Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 15:  Community Outreach5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 16:  Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act (HIPAA)5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 17:  Special Topics5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Section 18:  Definitions5/29/2019IRB 
 IRB Review of Research Subject to the Revised Common Rule1/19/2018IRB 
 IRB - Exemption Categories IRB 
 Implementation of the Revised Common Rule at CMU IRB 
 Guidance on Research Involving Sexual Misconduct IRB 
 CMU Students and Employees as Subjects IRB 
 Determining Sample Size10/1/2017IRB 
 Guidance on Advertisement and Recruitment4/30/2018IRB 
 International Research11/30/2017IRB 
 Matching Responses on Successive Surveys8/14/2017IRB 
#6-5Payments to Research Participants6/18/2012IRB 
Responding to Stipulations and Conditions10/3/2016IRB 
 Secondary Subjects4/13/2016IRB 
 Snowball Sampling10/1/2017IRB 
 Stopping Rules4/30/2013IRB 
 What the IRB Reviews9/30/2016IRB