IRBManager User Guidance

Implementation of IRBManager Electronic Protocol Management for IRB, IACUC and IBC

Effective  June 3, 2019 IRBManager is available for submission of protocols to the IRB and IACUC. User guides are created and are available for investigator use (see the Cheat Sheets below).

How will implementation of IRBManager affect submission and review?

Data currently stored in the IRBNet system has been transferred to IRBManager. There have been some technical difficulties with data and document transfer. If you have difficulty finding your historical documents or protocols, please contact the IRB or IACUC coordinator or the Office of Research Compliance. 

IBC will be implementing the new IBC Registration Form within IRBManager the week of July 6, 2020. Please watch for futher information regarding this process. 

Cheat Sheets

IRBManager Cheat Sheet for IRB Researchers

IRBManager Cheat Sheet for IACUC Researchers 

IIRBManager Cheat Sheets for Users Conducting Institutional Biosafety Research

IRBManager Cheat Sheet for IRB Committee Members

IRBManager Cheat Sheet for IACUC Committee Members

IRBManager Cheat Sheets for Institutional Biosafety Committee Members

IRBManager Users Guide
IRBManager Users Guide Version 2

IACUC Copy For Amend User Guidance Document

IACUC Copy for Amend WebEx Training Video

IACUC and IBC View Audit Guidance Document 

IACUC and IBC View Audit WebEx Training Video

IT Knowledge Base Information

Security, Data Storage, OneDrive, Encryption

Contact the following coordinators if you have any questions about the transition from IRBNet to IRBManager.  

Tracee Wilson, MS
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Institutional Biosafety Committee
989-774-7313 or

Deb Geasler, CIM
Coordinator, Institutional Review Board
989-774-6401 or

Updated 3/2/2021