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Central Michigan University is committed to assisting faculty, staff and students in their research and creative endeavors by obtaining external funding. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies helps researchers locate potential funders and develop competitive proposals for a wide variety of funding sources.

Resources for Grant Seekers ​

Proposal Planning form - Applicants for the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program should use this form to summarize their request and obtain signatures from their chair and dean. 

Transmittal - Prospective grant seekers must complete a transmittal form in order to initiate the internal approval process prior to submitting a proposal. Please contact a program officer in ORGS for questions on completing the form.

Public Health Service financial disclosure - for proposals submitted to US Public Health Service agencies and divisions (NIH, AHRQ, HRSA, CDC, FDA, IHS, SAMHS)

Standard financial disclosure - for all non-PHS proposals

Debarment and Suspension information is now included on CMU financial disclosure forms. In order for Central Michigan University ​to be eligible to apply for federal grant and contract funding, we must be able to certify that we are in compliance with Executive Order 12549 and Federal Acquisition Regulation 521.209-5. Debarment and suspension are actions taken by the federal government against organizations or individuals who have committed fraud or a criminal offense in violation of federal law. Any individual who meets any of the conditions outlined in the Central Michigan University Debarment and Suspension procedure are required to notify the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Click here for a copy of the Debarment and Suspension certification statement.

For help with your sponsored project budget development, contact ORGS.

CMU has a current policy differentiating between philanthropic gifts and grants. For further information, please contact ORGS.

CMU's federally-negotiated facilities and administrative costs policy applies to all requests for external support. To learn more, please see CMU's current F&A agreement.  

ORGS Grant Submission Deadlines

  • Grant Deadlines
    • In August 2013, ORGS implemented deadlines for the submission of external proposals, with revisions effective November 4, 2016 and July 1, 2019.  For details, please click on the link above.

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