President's and Provost's Award Recipients

2016-17  President’s Award

Veronica Barone – Physics

Joanne Dannenhoffer - Biology

Michael Pisani -- Management


2016-17  Provost’s Award

Kelly Murphy - Philosophy & Religion

Linlin Zhao - Chemistry & Biochemistry

President's Award- Prior Recipients:

Solomon Getahun (2015-16) History

Juan Peralta (2015-16) Physics

Rachel Caspari (2014-15) Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Marco Fornari (2014-15) Physics

Sivaram Narayan (2014-15) Mathematics

Larissa Niec (2013-14) Psychology

Thomas Weirich (2013-14) Accounting

Donald Uzarski (2012-13) Biology

Jeffrey Weinstock (2012-13) English, Language, and Literature

Koblar Alan Jackson (2011-12) Physics Department

Michael J. Papa (2011-12) Communication and Dramatic Arts

Gary Dunbar (2010-11) Psychology Department

Mihai Horoi (2010-11) Physics Department

Bryan Gibson (2009-10) Psychology Department

Kathleen Counter Benison (2008-09) Department of Geology

Timothy S. Hartshorne (2008-09) Department of Psychology

Brigitte Bechtold (2007-08) Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Valeri Petkov (2007-08) Department of Physics

Claudia Douglass (2006-07) Department of Biology

Alexandra Mascolo-David (2006-07) College of Music

Yury Ionin (2005-06) Department of Mathematics

Carl Lee (2005-06) Department of Mathematics

Felix Famoye (2004-05) Department of Mathematics

Peter Orlik (2004-05) Department of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

Harry Mika (2003-04) Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

John Wright (2003-04) Department of Philosophy and Religion

Carl Johnson (2002-03) Department of Psychology

Ronnie Apter (2002-03) Department of English

Leonard Leiberman (2001-02) Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Debra Poole (2001-02) Department of Psychology

Eric Johnson (2000-01) Department of History

Mohan Shrikhande (2000-01) Department of Mathematics

Thomas Benjamin (1999-00) Department of History

Bobby Howell (1999-00) Department of Chemistry

Reed Wicander (1998-99) Department of Geology

Robert Hohner (1998-99) School of Music

David Gilingham (1997-98) School of Music

Robert Stecker (1997-98) Department of Philosophy

Terry Beehr (1996-97) Department of Psychology

William Browne (1996-97) Department of Political Science

Daniel Wujek (1995-96) Department of Biology

Karen Mohr Chavez (1995-96) Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Provost's Awards - Prior Recipients:

Prakash Adhikari (2016-17) Political Science and Public Administration

Benjamin Swarts (2016-17) Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kevin Pangle (2014-15) Biology

Justin Smith (2014-15) Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Crina Tarasi (2013-14) Marketing and Hospitality Services

Rebecca Hayes (2012-13) Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Andrew Mahon (2012-13) Biology Department

Zachary Williams (2012-13) Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration

Troy Hicks (2010-11) Department of English Language and Literature

David Zanatta (2010-11) Biology Department

Dawn Decker (2009-10) Counseling and Special Education

Christopher Tycner (2009-10) Physics Department

Moataz Fattah (2008-09) Department of Political Science

Juan E. Peralta (2008-09) Department of Physics

Solomon Addis Getahun (2007-08) Department of History

Pamela Eddy (2006-07) Department of Educational Leadership

Bradley Swanson (2006-07) Department of Biology

Minghui Chai (2005-06) Department of Chemistry

Thomas Gehring (2005-06) Department of Biology

Jeffrey Weinstock (2005-06) Department of English

Brad Fahlman (2004-05) Department of Chemistry

Michael Pisani (2004-05) Department of Management

Matthew Burns (2003-04) Department of Counseling and Special Education

Yongil Jeon (2003-04) Department of Economics

Katherine Brown Rosier (2002-03) Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Carmen White (2002-03) Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Marcy Taylor (2001-02) Department of English

Robert Noggle (2001-02) Department of Philosophy and Religion

Kathleen Benison (2000-01) Department of Geology

Orlando Perez (2000-01) Department of Political Science

Alexandra Mascolo-David (2000-01) School of Music

Joel Fetzer (1999-00) Department of Political Science

Bin Li (1999-00) Department of Geography

Joy B. Doran (1998-99) Department of Biology

Elizabeth A. Meadows (1998-99) Department of Psychology

Kristina English (1997-98) Department of Communication Disorders

David Kinney (1997-98) Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Gail Scukanec (1996-97) Department of Communication Disorders

Philip Squattrito (1996-97) Department of Chemistry

Eric Johnson (1995-96) Department of Geography

Koblar Alan Jackson (1995-96) Department of Physics