Internal Funding Programs


Internal Funding Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

There are several programs designed to provide internal support for research, scholarship and creative endeavors by faculty and staff.

Internal Programs Overview 2020-2021
An overview of CMU's internal programs and funding levels in 2020-2021 can be found be clicking on Internal Support of Research and Creative Activities 2020-2021.

President's and Provost's Awards for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity:​     The President's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity recognizes senior, tenured faculty members for their contributions to research and academic inquiry. The Provost's Award recognizes the achievements of junior faculty members. The nomination process for awards begins in fall semester. Recipients are chosen by a selection committee.

Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors (FRCE): The FRCE program is administered by a faculty committee appointed by the Academic Senate, with oversight and grant management provided by ORGS. FRCE provides support for:

  • Publication through Publication and Exhibition Cost Funds;
  • Presentations at meetings, conferences or exhibitions through Premier Display Funds;
  • Research Grants support research, scholarship, or creative endeavors. There are three types of awards with maximum funding of $3,500 and $8,000.
Proposal Match Guidelines: These guidelines are intended to guide the preparation of grant and contract proposals that include matching funds. In order to promote CMU's efforts to secure increased external funding for research, education, outreach or creative projects, ORGS is committed to working with the academic colleges to provide match for proposals where this is explicitly required by the funding agency. See proposal match guidelines for additional details.

Research Incentive Awards (RIA): An RIA provides re-assigned time (course release) for faculty who are successful in obtaining large external awards. See the RIA program guidelines for specific criteria. (Note: Faculty in the College of Science and Engineering are not covered by the standard RIA policy but instead should consult the CS&E/ORGS Research and Grant Policies below.)
Vice President for Research Discretionary Funds (VP Discretionary): The VP Discretionary Funds are intended to support research and scholarship by faculty and staff by allowing them to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities or deal with unexpected problems encountered during a project.  These funds are also intended to provide support for projects with commercial potential that need funding to engage in activities that support the further development of a concept.

Bridge Funding:  Bridge funding can provide financial support for existing programs for which external funding has expired, but where renewal of external funding is likely.

College of Science and Engineering (CS&E) and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) Research and Grant Policies: CS&E and ORGS combined efforts to develop research and grant policies to support faculty research. See the CS&E/ORGS Research & Grant program guidelines for specific criteria.
Archived Guidelines:

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies maintains an archive of guidelines and report forms for past internal grant award programs for faculty use and reference.   

Internal Programs Guidelines:


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