COVID-19 Guidance for Laboratory, Shop, Studio, and Field Research

(Updated June 25, 2021)

Fired Up for Summer contains all pertinent information, expectations and requirements for faculty, staff, and students to work safely in laboratories, shops, studios, and fieldwork as pandemic restrictions ease.  Travel for university purposes remains suspended without prior authorization. Approved field research activities are to be carried out with precautions in place to prevent COVID-19 infection. No additional restrictions are currently in place for research activities.


Researchers must use caution, practice optimal planning, and be flexible should there be another pandemic outbreak.  The use of facemasks, social distancing and enhanced cleaning of work environments remain as requirements on campus per the Fired Up for Summer directives (Fired Up for Summer outlines the exceptions for vaccinated workers).  Workers are required to complete COVID-19 training if they haven’t already, and workers must complete the health screening daily prior to coming to campus or a field site.


Questions about CMU’s COVID-19 Guidance should be directed to your supervisor.