Lab Coat Rental Program

The Office of Laboratory and Field Safety, in cooperation with the Laboratory Safety Committee, offers a lab coat program for lab workers at CMU.  Cintas provides the lab coats and laundering services. If you are a researcher at CMU and would like to enroll in the lab coat program, please email Joe Wernet for more information.

How it works

  • Each user will be issued a set of three matching coats, so researchers will always have a clean lab coat to wear.
  • Cintas picks up lab coats every Tuesday for laundering, returning the cleaned coat the following week.
  • Cintas monitors the number of washes and the conditions of the lab coats, replacing coats with new ones when prescribed. 
  • Subscriptions can be added, removed, or modified at any time. Notify OLFS for all status changes, including order cancellation. 
  • Read about the Cintas lab coat rental program
Lab coat types 
A variety of lab coat materials are available to suit diverse laboratory environments. See the program overview or contact OLFS to learn more about selecting the right lab coat. 
  • Standard white lab coats are available in 100% cotton or 80% polyester/20% cotton blend.
  • Liquid barrier coat - features a fluid resistant polyester front, poly/cotton blend back, and knitted cuffs for aqueous based liquid protection.
  • Flame Resistant (FR) Nomex brand coat - prevents clothing ignition during short duration thermal incidents and emergency exposure to flame. See the Workrite Technical Brief below for more information.
  • Flame Resistant/Chemical Protectant (FR/CP) Nomex coat with Westex ShieldCXP  - Offers the same fire resistance as the FR coat, combined with a chemical splash resistant coating. The ShieldCXP coating is generally effective against aqueous chemicals and mixtures and polar organic solvents. The coating does not protect against non-polar organic solvents. Users should check the properties of their specific liquid hazard chemicals to ensure compatibility. See the Workrite Technical Brief for more information.
Pickup and drop off locations
  • Dow Science Building
    • Clean coat pickup location: Next to the second floor Chemistry stockroom (Room 241)
    • Dirty coat drop off location: Northwest corner of the first floor hallway between rooms 150 and 151.
  • Biosciences Building: 
    • Clean coat pickup location: At your lab.
    • Dirty coat drop off location: First floor in the southeast stairwell. Located near the loading dock and freight elevator. 
  • Health Professions Building:
    • Clean coat pickup location: First floor of the northeast wing, by the elevator and the loading dock.
    • Dirty coat drop off location: Same as the clean pickup location.
Important Program Information
  • Cintas lab coat rental program - Includes a brief description of the service provided by Cintas, the available lab coat types, and a flowchart to aid with coat selection.
  • Workrite FRCP Technical Brief- Product information for Flame Resistant (FR) and Flame Resistant/Chemical Protectant (FR/CP) lab coats. Includes technical information detailing the capabilities, limitations, and chemical compatibility of FR and FR/CP lab coats.
  • Flame Resistant Lab Coat Training - Required for individuals who wear flame resistant lab coats​.