Occupational Health

Occupational Health Program Participation 

Animal Handler Health and Safety Program or "AHHS":  All individuals working with animals or with unrestricted facility access must participate in the AHHS Program and shall complete the following steps:

1.  Review the risks associated with the anticipated work with the PI or immediate supervisor. Helpful hint for PIs and animal users:  Both the AHHS and Chemical Hygiene Plan ("CHP", Laboratory Safety Policy) require a discussion of the potential risks encountered in research.  Save time and have a single discussion about the risks of working in the lab and working with animals, then complete the Lab Safety Training Form (found in the Appendix I of the Chemical Hygiene Plan).

2.  Review animal allergen information sheets (Aquatic Animals, Rodents).

3.  Follow the instructions and complete the Self-Directed Risk Assessment.

4.  Return the signed Risk Assessment Submission Page to OLFS at labfieldsafety@cmich.edu.  

  • If you elect to opt out of medical surveillance, participation is complete;  however,  you must update your risk assessment annually or any time you change labs or your duties/risks change.
  • If you elect to opt-in to medical surveillance, you must complete and submit the Initial Medical Questionnaire provided by OLFS to the Central Occupational Medicine Program (COMP) via email to Kristin.Osborne@mclaren.org or deliver in person to COMP.  If the health care provider requires additional information or testing, he/she will contact you for an in-person appointment.  If it is determined that a respirator is required, OLFS will contact you to arrange fit testing.