2021 President's & Provost's Faculty Awards

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President's Award

The award recognizes the achievements of senior faculty members; to qualify for the award, one must be a current tenured faculty member. The award selection committee considers the nominee's research and creative activities throughout their careers, with a special emphasis on accomplishments while at CMU. View past award recipients.

Provost's Award

The award recognizes the achievements of less experienced faculty members; to qualify, one must be a current untenured, tenure-track faculty member. The nominees' research and creative achievements at CMU are considered in the selection process. View past award recipients.

Mathematics professor En-Bing Lin received the President's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Endeavors. Dr. Lin’s research is characterized by exceptional contributions to many high-impact journals. In the past fifteen years, his research foci have included wavelet analysis and applications, bioinformatics, rough set theory, and data analysis. Notable research contributions include applying wavelet methods in solving integral equations and partial differential equations, generalizing rough set theory, and providing applications in data analysis, using wavelet techniques in analyzing ECG (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalogram) data, and DNA sequences for diabetic retinopathy. More recently, he and his doctoral student Jackson Criswell combined and applied the techniques of wavelet analysis and artificial intelligence to river flow forecasting. Dr. Lin first became interested in mathematics in the 5th grade. He enjoyed doing extra math problems beyond the required homework exercises, particularly proving statements in plane geometry. Dr. Lin was excited and humbled when he learned he had won the award.

​​​​​​ Fashion Merchandising and Design professor Tanya Domina received the President's Award for Outstanding Research and Creatve Endeavors. Dr. Domina’s research endeavors demonstrate her commitment to advancing textile research in both the corporate and academic worlds. Dr. Domina made strides in research from the very start of her career. She began her research activities as soon as she arrived on CMU’s campus in 1991. One of her most notable contributions, textile recycling research, continues to be cited and included in textile recycling research today. Dr. Domina continues to advance the fashion merchandising and design field through her current research on human comfort optimization. Using CMU’s first 3D body scanner, thermal sweating manikins and other technology, Domina consistently applies innovation to her research. In the three decades Dr. Domina has served the CMU community, her continued striving for success in teaching and research has not gone unnoticed. In addition to her research and creative activity, Dr. Domina has made marks in the classroom and service settings, winning the Excellence in Teaching Award and the Faculty Service Award.                     

Psychology professor James Gerhart received the Provost's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity. Dr. Gerhart’s work in the health psychology field continues to advance the CMU community and beyond. A CMU alumnus, Dr. Gerhart’s tie to the university began early in his career. While on campus as a graduate student he began his first research endeavor at CMU’s Violence Reduction Lab. His early research as a graduate student served as a springboard into his fellowship in trauma and resilience psychology at Rush Medical College in 2011. While counseling patients and their physicians, Dr. Gerhart occasionally he was met with a question he didn’t have an adequate answer and served as starting points for many of his research projects. One line of Dr. Gerhart’s research focuses on the impact chronic illness has on the patient and the individuals taking care of them. One of his most notable studies found that a portion of healthcare providers, who treat patients for serious illnesses, can experience symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Gerhart has worked to develop programs that help caretakers manage their emotions through the entirety of the illness. One of his current research projects is developing a treatment program for those who had a family member die from COVID-19.

​​​​​​ Finance professor Abu Amin won the Provost's Award for Oustanding Research and Creative Activity. Dr. Amin’s research focuses on corporate finance, financial markets, and banking in developed and emerging economies. Notably, his research on emerging markets creates valuable insight for regulators, policymakers, and investors on whether certain regulations have improved stability and transparency in the banking industry. Dr. Amin also works to understand how capital markets operate in emerging economies. This is an underserved area in finance research predominantly due to data limitations. He has attempted to break that barrier by hand-collecting data for several projects. The originality of the data and Dr. Amin’s research has enabled him to publish four high-quality articles in leading field journals. His research has even been featured in the Journal of Corporate Finance, one of the top five premier finance journals in the world. Applying complex models, Dr. Amin’s research successfully addresses many unresolved economic problems in corporate finance and positively impacts the field of finance. Dr. Amin comes from an academic family, where two of his uncles and an aunt are professors. From a young age, Dr. Amin understood teaching as a noble and honorable profession; it can transform human lives. He finds enormous joy in sharing knowledge.