Scholarship in Focus Photo Exhibit

ORGS Scholarship Photo Exhibit is on Display!

In Spring 2020, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) invited CMU faculty and staff to share their research and creative projects like never before. Behind the scenes. At their worst and finest moments. Funny. Courageous. Disheartening. Astonishing.

We were surprised and delighted by the diversity of entries we received and after consideration, ORGS selected eight submissions to grace a new display wall outside of our office in Foust Hall. Additional photo entries will be placed in our conference room to be enjoyed by visitors, as others are highlighted on ORGS social media.

We cordially invite all entrants and CMU faculty, staff, and students to come enjoy these beautiful photographs as displayed on the second floor of Foust Hall.

Feeling inspired to share your unique research or creative work? Then take off those lens caps and prepare for our next invitation to submit photos in Fall 2021! We'll let you know all the details as plans proceed.  

Sincere thanks to all those who shared a privileged insight into their scholarly and creative passions. ORGS is honored to partner with you.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full photo:

Picture of Audiology student scanning President Davies earPicture of touching handsPicture of a mountain landscape with mountain bikers

Picture of Dr. Clifton at the piano with a children's book coverPicture of two students converting a male thermal manikin form to the female formPicture of a word river bank edge in Alaska

Picture of a man feeding a sealPicture of a student dancingPicture of a student tuning the Penning trap

          Several snapshots of a student in various points of dancingPicture of Physics students using equipment to observe astronomical objects