Supporting Research at CMU

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) helps the CMU community engage in high-quality research and sponsored activities by providing a range of helpful services. We can help you with the following activities that support your research and scholarship at CMU:

  • Searching for Funding Sources
    • Identify appropriate federal, state, foundation and corporate funding opportunities and disseminate solicitations to interested faculty and staff.
  • Obtain Information about Funding Opportunities
    • Obtain program guidelines, applications, abstracts of funded projects and sample funded proposals.
  • PI Support and Training
    • Make available grant writing workshops and other training opportunities.
    • Provide travel funds for applicant visits with agency program officers or other collaborators.
  • Foster Collaborations
    • Identify faculty and staff with similar research and creative interests.
    • Identify and organize teams seeking funding for large interdisciplinary project.
  • Liaison with External Agencies
    • Assist with contact and arranging visits with appropriate agency program officers.
    • Act as liaison with federal, state and foundation funding agencies for pre-award information and support.
  • Guide Proposal Development
    • Assist with the development or revision of proposals for external submission.
    • Identify consultants and other experts within or outside CMU.
    • Provide proposal review and editing.
    • Compose letters of support.
    • Engage internal and external grant writers on major grant projects.
    • Obtain required assurances from CMU officials and external entities.
    • Provide follow-up consultation toward the revision and resubmission of declined proposals, including obtaining and interpreting reviewer comments and contacting the agency for additional insights into the review process.
  • Support Budget Preparation
    • Assist with budget development and assure funding requests align with CMU and sponsor guidelines.
    • Assist with development of budget narratives.
    • Complete agency-specific budget forms.
  • Authorize Proposals for Submission
    • Review proposals for conformance to agency and CMU guidelines.
    • Provide guidance and support for the institutional approval process.
    • Submit proposals to external agencies.
  • Post-Award Assistance
    • Negotiate and initiate grant and contract awards.
    • Assist in review and preparation of contract and subcontract documents.
    • Obtain institutional approval for acceptance of awards.
    • Act as liaison with Grant Accounting and other university departments to process awards and establish account numbers.
    • Review payroll forms, independent contractor questionnaires, and purchase requisitions exceeding $5,000 to ensure expenditures align with funding guidelines.
    • Assist with budget revisions, project extension requests and other functions necessitating sponsor approval.
    • Assist with authorization and submission of required reports.
    • Act as liaison with IRB and IACUC for compliance with funded projects.
  • Faculty Scholarship
    • Work with faculty on inventions/ideas that have the potential for patent or commercial application.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your next grant opportunity or industry collaboration.