David C. Weindorf

Vice President for Research and Innovation


Melinda Brakenberry
Executive Director, Research and Graduate Studies

  • Lead Director of ORGS Staff and Operations
  • Contracts and Subcontracts for all Colleges
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Issues
  • Material Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements


Amy Courter
Executive Secretary, Research and Graduate Studies

  • Faculty Excellence Exhibition Liaison


Office of Sponsored Programs 

Lenora Calkins
Research Officer

  • College of Medicine (assignment to be split with Deborah Clark)
  • College of Arts & Media
  • College of Science and Engineering:
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Geography and Environmental Studies
    • Physics
  • Library



Deborah Clark
Research Officer

  • College of Medicine (assignment to be split with Lenora Calkins)
  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Science and Engineering:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Public Broadcasting
  • Police



Sarah Caszatt Hall
Manager, Post Award Sponsored Projects

  • Budget analysis and forecasting
  • Specialized sponsor requests
  • Report submission support
  • Subcontract and independent contractor development
  • Non-disclosure agreements


Anne Kea

Coordinator, Post Award Sponsored Projects

  • Payroll reviews, including analysis and forecasting
  • Purchase requisition and independent contractor questionnaire reviews
  • Internally funded programs grant support
  • Compliance tracking and support



Sabrina Leppert
Coordinator, Financial Operations ORGS

  • ORGS Financial Accounting


Marie Natzel
Research Officer

  • College of Education and Human Services
  • College of Health of Professions
  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Science and Engineering:
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics, Actuarial & Data Sciences
  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs Division
  • College of Medicine - Clinical Research Institute


Katie Bowen-Styka
Executive Office Specialist

  • Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors Committee Liaison



Staff Excellence Awards

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies excels in service, and in recent years four of our staff members have received CMU Staff Excellence Awards. This honor is given to employees who demonstrate a commitment to the university's Service Excellence Values: Care, Knowledge, Availability and Follow Through.

Sarah Caszatt Hall was awarded a CMU Staff Excellence Award in 2018. Sarah is the Coordinator for Post-Award Sponsored Projects for the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. She has been recognized for her work ethic, professionalism, dedication and ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently. 



Deborah Clark, who was also honored in 2015, is a Research Officer in the Office of Sponsored Programs. Deborah's abilities as a grant writer and coordinator of major proposal projects have earned praise from CMU faculty for many years.

Lenora Calkins was chosen to receive a 2014 Staff Excellence Award. She is a Research Officer in the Office of Sponsored Programs. Faculty members nominated Lenora for her hard work, her collegiality, and her commitment to excellence. 

ORGS is proud to recognize these staff members for their commitment to CMU Service Excellence values!