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ORGS Office of Sponsored Programs

Fall 2020 Professional Development Series

To support everyone staying healthy, while providing information when and where you need it –  CMU's Office of Sponsored Programs is stepping away from the workshop podium for faculty/staff professional development and moving onto the CMU CentralLink web!

The following mini-sessions (PowerPoint slides with audio) are available, with additional sessions planned in the near future:

What Can ORGS Do for YOU – learn about all the helpful services available from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. This is a great introduction to promoting your research and creative scholarship here at CMU

Introduction to Cayuse – prepare for quick introduction to the web-based system that makes CMU internal approvals and federal proposal submissions easier for project leaders

Cayuse Routing Requirements – anticipate the four documents you need to submit your first proposal for funding at CMU and learn their connection to your grant-seeking success

Rebudget Process – learn how to request a revision to a budget on an externally funded project

No Cost Extension Process – hear how to request a no cost extension on an externally funded project

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External Resources

NEW NSF forms for Current and Pending and the Bio Sketch this tutorial from NSF explains how to create and update the new forms in the SciENcv system. The new forms are required beginning 10/5/2020, but should be used immediately.