Faculty Highlight Stories

College of the Arts and Media

Dr. Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Audio Dramas Awarded

Dr. Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Audio Drama Revival

Dr. Robert Lindahl, School of Music, Trusty Trombone

Eric Limarenko, Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Dr. Jay Batzner, Ann Dasen, Paul Collins, College of the Arts and Media, Successfully Slipping By‚Äč

College of Business Administration

Dr. Matthew Wilson, Marketing, Benefiting Business

Dr. Deborah Gray, Marketing, Awarding Excellence

Counseling Program, Admirable Achievements

Dr. Matthew Johnson, Educational Leadership, Classy Collaboration

Dr. Michael Mamp, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Outstanding Efforts

Susanne Wroblewski, Fashion, Interior Design & Merchandising, Research but make it Fashionable

Dr. Troy Hicks, Teacher Education & Professional Development, Cover to Cover Confidence

Dr. Cheryl Geisthardt, Human Development & Family Studies, What about the Children?

Dr. Yunfang Zheng, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Heard It Here First!

Drs. Katie Strong & Natalie Douglas, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Strengthening Socialization

Dr. Mark Cwiek, School of Health Sciences, Open and Honest

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Drs. Lane Demas and Jennifer Liu, History, Teaching in Taiwan

Dr. Sarah Domoff, Psychology, Truth about Television

Dr. Sara Moselener, Philosophy & Religion, Power after Purity

Dr. Carlin Borsheim-Black, English Language & Literature, Equipping Educators

Dr. Brittany Fremion, History, Power of History

Dr. Jeffrey Weinstock, English Language & Literature, Expert on Edgar

Dr. Jay Martin, History, Highlighting CMU's History

Dr. James Gerhart, Psychology, The Power of Resilience

College of Medicine

Neli Ragina, College of Medicine, Call to Action

Dr. Zachary Klukkert, College of Medicine, Fossil Frenzy

College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Daelyn Woolnough, Biology & Insitute for Great Lakes Research, Mussels on the Move!

Dr. Prasanth Yanambaka, Engineering & Technology, Safe and Secure

Dr. Mallary Greenlee-Wacker, Biology, Innovative Impact

Drs. Jesse Eickholt & Patrick Seeling, Computer Science, Classy Collaboration

Drs. Katrina Piatek-Jimenez & Ana Dias, Mathematics, Gender Equity in Math

Dr. KumaYelamarthi, Engineering & Technology, Communicating with Cars

Dr. George Perdikakis, Physics, Cosmic Connection

Dr. Donghyun Shin, Engineering & Technology, Enhancing Energy Storage

Dr. Alfredo Estrade, Physics, Isotope Innovation

Dr. David Zanatta, Biology, Musseling Milestones

Dr. Valeri Petkov, Physics, Analyzing Arsenic

Dr. Daria Kluver & Dr. Wendy Robertson, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Great Lake Resilience

Dr. Jason Keeler, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Lake Air and Thunderstorms

Dr. Wendy Robertson, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Tree Mortality and Swamps, Oh My!

Dr. Jennifer Schisa, Biology, Power of the Protein

Dr. Matthew Redshaw, Physics, Physics: Fun and Games

Dr. Kumar Yelamarthi, School of Engineering and Technology, Building Blocks for Blockchain