Scholastic Successes


Central Michigan University has launched Scholars @ Central Michigan Universitynew publicly available database thahighlights the work and expertise of CMU faculty. Thcomprehensive database features a variety of content created by faculty, including visual creationsperformance pieces, and research papers.

Users can search any subject, and Scholars will pull up all faculty who are experts in that area of study. Scholars not only provides the faculty member’s workbut also further information on the experts themselves. The database creates a “fingerprint” for faculty that highlights theiareas of expertise and connects them to other faculty with similar areas of interest. Scholars also provides information on faculty’s scholarly works, both in the United States and internationally, in addition to the various prizes and awards that faculty have won.  

Besides specific faculty research, Scholars allows users to search by specific colleges, departments, or facilities, such as the Microscopy lab or the Bush Theater. Scholars also features information on public grants, patents, and yearly publications, presentations, and performances for Central Michigan University as a whole. This interactive database aims to connect the public and students to professors and their work; making it easier to explore different areas of study for all users. A work six months in the making, Scholars @ Central Michigan University is now live for all users at 


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Story by ORGS Intern Ellie Heron